Golf Club Cavaglia'

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9 holes in Piedmont, Italy

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Address: Via Santhia 75 13881
Location: Cavaglia BI Piedmont, Italy
Phone: 0161966949

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written on 11/04/2014 | 12 likes

Normally when you get close to a 9-hole golf course got a good impression, not always for this field is not so. Many holes have starting tees moved compared to the previous round, and then with a completely different view of the pit. The field shows up often in excellent condition and the green is anything but simple. I try to describe, as far as I am able to do so, as you have some holes and the difficulties that you may encounter. Hole 1 par 4: This hole doesn't have great difficulty, basically straight with a hill that hides the green; the second revolution becomes a par 5 and here things change a little bit. The tee points toward the trees of dx and then eye to positioning, for the shorter comes into play the lake located near the tee of one (same hole) that to be overtaken need at least 160mt. The green is shallow and with slopes hard to read Hole 2 par 5: Definitely long for its shape, dry dogleg left about 180/190 mt and still more than 300 al green. Difficult to cut because of the presence of trees and landing very close ball. On the second approach shot to the green on the water hazard on the left about 100 meters from the green. Hole 4: par 3 Dry dogleg right uphill at about 230 meters then leave an approach of about 140 Mt Hole 5: par 4 Just 2 but eye on the second shot, the pond on the left. green large and without particular difficulties Hole 5 par 4: Dogleg left without major problems, except a stream to about 160 from tee 6 hole par 3: Is considered easy, and sometimes it is true, but when the tee are arrears and the flag is positioned at the top I could almost say that the hole becomes by professionals. The top banner position is approximately 180 uphill and green at that point has a landing area is not larger than 4 meters to 4 meters. One can think of to target another area of green and then approaching pattando, but beware the green from the lowest point to the higher has a distance of about 30mt with a vertical drop of at least 7-8 mt arranged on three floors. This hole even though with 16 hcp flag under certain conditions "really complicated" Hole 7 par 4: Dogleg right without any major problems. The eye in the second round, the tee is moved left of 30-40 m and plants come into play on the left in front of it. Hole 8 par 4: HCP 1 eye where rolls the ball from the tee, enters the pond into play strongly, with otters and turtles, on the right. For those long, you can try to cut the hole, but beware serves a shot over 200 mt to overcome Lake. An alternative to pull a stroke of 170-180 m straight, then let a shot to the green, downhill, circa160-170mt 9 hole par three: No fix. And with a relative length becomes a little more difficult when he becomes 18 hole, stretching all the way up to around 180-190 mt P.S. I correct my friend Pica on holes 9, not executive but only 6. 6-hole executive course, par 19 (800 meters) 1 Hole par 3-98 m-81 m red yellow Hole 2 par 3-106 m-86 m red yellow Hole 4-par 3 289m-rossi 265m yellow Hole 4-par 3-yellow-red 95 million km Hole 5 par 3-114-106 m red yellow 6 hole par 3-85 m-red 80 yellow Hoping to be helpful to hope a good golf at all - referred to april 2014

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